Web / Windows Development

Windows applications are those that runs in the windows operating system and web applications are those that runs in different browsers. Based on the needs of different clients we have built different web/windows applications.

Some of the examples of our windows development includes POS, Kiosk, Inventory Management, Scraping Solutions, Browser Plug ins, Office Plug ins – Word, Excel, Outlook, etc and some of our web application development includes E Commerce, Club Management System, Learning Management System, Job Portal, etc.

At Avyak Infoways we always strive to gather the requirements of our clients and we have always been instrumental in helping them to come with a idea of proposed application development that matches their organization goals and that covers their maximum business processes.

Mobile Applications

In order to get succeed in today’s competitive world one must be aware of all the modern day technologies available in the market. The secret behind the success of a business relies on what latest solutionsit would offer to the customers.One who succeeds rules the market. Mobile application development is one such resource that you can make use of to leverage the online scenario.

With the evolution of smart phones, demand of mobile applications also got increased and that’s where businesses got an opportunities to connect with their prospective clients to market their products. To fulfill this, we at Avyak Infoways has a dedicated team of mobile app developers and we develop cross platform mobile applications in Xamarin that can run on Android, IOS and Windows.

Now after Xamarin we also have been working with the latest framework i.e. MAUI which has now become the substitute of Xamarin. In mobile application development we have catered to the various sectors of businesses such as Insurance, Finance, Hospitality, etc.

Search Engine Optimization

All the Businesses in order to stay connected with their prospect clients or to have a recurring business are now striving hard for recognition via digital media. With the rising digitalization and more and more people getting used to digital way of life, creating a rock-hard impression on your target audience group in the most organic way possible is via Search Engine Optimization, or SEO as we rather call it. SEO services revolves around creating a brand presence with the power of keywords and search engines and that’s why SEO services are not born out of textbook concepts but it requires a huge industry experience and that’s where the role of Avyak Infoways starts.

Our professional company in Ahmedabad has been successful in creating digital presence of our various clients thru some of the best tools such as Google Adwords, PPC Campaigns, Social Media Posts, On-page SEO optimization, and more.

Being one of the best companies in Ahmedabad, we have streamlined a few benefits that we can cater to your thriving brand as a part of our SEO program such as thru SEO optimization to ensure search engines crawling the web recognizes your brand instantly, using modern methods to use the latest industry approved SEO techniques to build a superb online presence for you, using google adwards, etc.

Data Scrapping

In this today’s world of competition every companies or suppliers wants to remain updated on what their competitors are charging, what quality they are offering at what price and what are the complimentary benefits that are given to the customers, etc

To cater this requirements companies needs to scrap data from different websites or applications to make them updated on different parameters such as Price, Inventory, customer reviews, different sellers available in the market, etc so that they can plan their product sale accordingly and can take the competitive edge over others.

We at Avyak Infoways help our clients to take this benefit of data scraping by developing data scraping tools using which helps them in knowing different trends in the market. We use different techniques such as web client, web browser controls and chrome driver to scrap the websites/applications.


We provide hosting services to our clients which is very important in the Software Development Life Cycle. Having a website/application ready has no value until it is available/accessible by the users whenever and wherever they require it. Hosting plays very vital role for any website or application to get succeed or to be the most sorted one, as using it smoothly without any difficulties always increases the user experience which in turn will justify the purpose of developing a website or application. We have our own windows servers with high speed internet connections to provide uninterrupted service to our clients.

Browsers / Office Plugin Development

There are different applications available in the market that are already built, marketed and already in used by millions of customers, but sometimes it may happen that the current product does not cater to some needs of the customers and it has to be scaled to fulfill this requirements.

Having identify such requirements the owner of the application allows the clients to add some features that suits their requirement which is called as add on/plug ins. We at Avyak Infoways have already developed many such plugins for different browsers and Microsoft Office products.